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Updated: Jul 7, 2020

A common characteristic of founders, owners and executives, is that many live an isolated life. This is a strange feature, because we live such forward-facing lives. After working with over 120 owners, my experience shows that as careers trend higher, few friends satisfy our need for a sounding board. Our personal and professional needs become unique. None enjoy sycophants and old authoritative wisdom is in short supply. Our outer life appears expansive, while our inner one operates at a deficit.

We know that the long-term result of dissidence is bad, but our choices of confidants are limited to colleagues, spiritual advisors or licensed counselors. Sometimes we talk to our spouse.

About 2,367 years ago, Aristotle recognized two unique features of the human condition. We are the only species on earth that use speech and reason. You already know this, because you come alive when you are with your best people solving the complexities of your business. Maybe now is the time to feed these special faculties inside of you.

That is precisely what I do – it is precisely the nature of my life and career. I serve as confidant for the powerful and influential.

“Miracles happen when we talk” is my common phrase. And after decades in this role it absolutely proves to be true. You need to talk. Outcomes are better for you and everyone nearby when you commit time each week to puzzle-out demanding personal and professional matters. As you do, two things will happen.

  1. You will gain greater alignment of your internals

  2. You will be surprised by how your business prospers when you learn to decompress and when you dedicate time

Nested inside of each of my confidential client engagements is the benefit that I am a helluva a good listener.

The dossier on the right describes a few of my experiences and achievements. As to my personal life, I am married to Rose 31-years, and our five adult children live coast-to-coast – each pursuing their unique passions in art, medicine, technology, writing and studio engineering. As my daughter, Victoria, recently shared “you have no kids at home today, because you have successfully taught them all to fly.”

I am an amateur power lifter and jazz music lover and have maintained the lifelong learning habits that I developed as a teen. In addition to US business consults, I provide pro bono consults to micro-business and lenders in west and central Africa – along the redline of poverty as described by the World Poverty Clock.

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