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Capitalize on your influence

I help influencers do less and make more by coaching them in streamlining their operations, organizing their financials, and channeling their energy into the few things that really pay.



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Roger Bruhn has been coaching, consulting, and mentoring entrepreneurs  for over 30 years.

You've found a market, you've amassed a following, you're making money, but you know the potential has only just been tapped.

Roger consults influencers in turning their social media into a legitimate business with all the essentials - financials, operational models, data analyses, and more. You don't need business experience when you've got a great idea, a following, and a coach that guides you every step of the way.

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"Your single email exercise to answer questions about how I view money has put me on a glorious path into my subconscious where I'm deleting bullshit stories and replacing them with beautiful ones. ... This is a major moment for me and your availability and wisdom has been a transformative chisel. Thank you, Roger.


Miracles happen when we talk.

All influencers suffer from a kind of imposter syndrome. It can be terrifying to have to learn how to become a CEO when you got your start on social media. Save yourself the headache

of trial and error; Roger has years of

experience working with influencers

to capitalize on their following.

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Roger Bruhn is the confidant, consultant, and coach you need to remember who you are, what your unique destiny is, and

how to take the simple steps to reach it.

Every business and person is different. My coaching is customized specifically to you.

It's a partnership from the start. My work with you revolves around you. Through my Depth Coaching, we'll explore questions together like: Who are you? What is your unique destiny? What was your vision the day before you started your company?


The answers to these kind of questions will help you regain momentum, find focus and intentionality, and spark joy again. 

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I have been there, I know precisely what it is. I understand fully that the large corner office can quickly become a cage and a box that closes in on you.


Roger has been running and consulting businesses with over $100 million revenues and over 500 employees for 30 years.


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