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37-year Founder, Owner and C-Suite Executive


32-year Consultant, Coach and Confidante


>$100,000,000 P&L revenues


Mediator US Bankruptcy Trustee


London School of Economics


Mont Pelerin Society Nominee


37-year Nonprofit Chairman & Consultant

122 Start-ups and consults


Federal Accreditations:
Medicare and Medicaid (CMS)


Mezzanine, Private Equity


US Bankruptcy Trustee, US Small Business Admin


704-member class-action settlement


Businesses and business-class assets


Requirements: My clients have minimum revenues of >$5,000,000



The Exchange of Truth between

a Depth Coach and a CEO is the Cure.

The most common sickness I see among all the greats is isolation.

If you survey terminally ill patients their #1 regret in life is “the lack of courage to live fully”.  That’s my goal for you – to become the instigator that helps you to live fully.  Apprehension kills.  It deadens the soul and serves no useful purpose.  Grit, tenacity and Mastery enliven the spirit.  None of these tremendous life forces occur in isolation.  But we CEOs do tend to isolate… an adaptation of our survival instinct due to the treachery and betrayal many of us discover on the path to the top.  A good depth coach offers steps to mastery.


Many of you have met the other dis-ease in the C-Suite.  The debilitating pressures that come from guilt, shame, and regret.  Some have crammed this dis-ease into their shadow for years.  But shadows have a way of reintroducing themselves – at the Very Worst Times.  Unpacking them with a good depth coach is a far better alternative. 


My story is fun!  Imagine charting a course that takes you from start-up to >$100,000,000.  Imagine the joy of navigating the billion particles that get in the way – all the while continuing forward motion. 


Each of these miracles unfold in such a way that I can’t reduce them down to business terms alone.  They’re too big for that.  Instead, each requires a nuance that is wildly aware of the chief and how he or she is doing.  Listen to me – that’s more important than the rest.  And if you haven’t given yourself permission to operate there then I will. 


And that’s where miracles appear.  I am fond of the phrase Miracles happen when we talk.  It’s an adaptation of Aristotle that simply says “your best you is inside of you, but he/she most often manifests when we speak & reason with each other”.  As a good depth coach, I bring a billion brilliant moments had in my companies and those owned by my clients.  I’ve logged >75,000 hours in the C-Suite and I’m a really good Depth Coach. 


You need to be challenged.  And you need and adventure.  The epoch of Western Civilization was marked by the poet Homer and his fanciful “Odyssey”.  Never forget this – your civilization was born of adventure.  And that uneasy spirit within wants a voice.  Let’s let it talk for once and see what it – what you – have to say! 


Use my online scheduling tool to schedule us for a 45-minute talk.  You and I will both know if we are right for each other within 15-minutes.  My clients maintain revenues of >$5,000,000, so take that into consideration before you reserve a call.  Peace. 

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I am soft-spoken and of Nordic descent. I am the opposite of Internet hype. If that’s something you need, please look elsewhere. No mansion, no jet and no Ferrari. My car is 8-years old (and I own it). 


Rose and I married over 30-years ago.  We’ve raised 5 great kids together… each is fulfilling their destiny right now.  Their homes range from CA to NY, so we are truly a coast-to-coast family. 


I am a competitive power-lifter and 17/7 intermittent faster, who tracks everything in MyFitnessPal.


Caribou Obsidian.


Hillsdale Dialogues | The Tim Ferriss Show | The Joe Rogan Experience | The Classicist | Uncommon Knowledge


Grover’s - Relentless | Keller’s - The ONE Thing | Aristotle’s – Nicomachean Ethics | Peterson’s - 12 Rules for Life | Coelho’s - The Alchemist | della Mirandola’s - Orations on the Dignity of Man | Dante’s - Inferno | C.S. Lewis’ - That Hideous Strength | Willink’s - Extreme Ownership | Goggins’ - Can’t Hurt Me


I train micro-businesses along Africa’s Red Line of Poverty that runs through its central and eastern portions. 



5:55am + coffee + solitude + musing


122 and counting

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