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We go higher

by going deeper.

Tao Te Ching states: 


Those who boast of their accomplishments diminish the things they have done.


So, I much prefer you hear from my clients.

Below you will meet:

Curt, who enjoyed a decade of collaboration with me – a journey that took us from start-up to exit. Here he tells me a sweet story I had never heard before… a life-changing moment for Curt in which, apparently, I break furniture!

See Curt’s success library, stories that include airplane purchases, US Vice Presidents, the Broadway hit Hamilton, and Curt’s explosive growth to over 3,000 employees.

Ruston, who navigated the rare feat from start-up to a nine-figure valuation. A good depth coach catches you at certain junctures along the journey and helps you continue your climb.

See Ruston’s success library, including the story of how he leveraged Depth Coaching to emancipate himself from his small business and became a mid-market global giant.

Jim, whose life called him to many scary business expansions, eventuating in 4X growth! But Jim was displeased with his patterns of thought and called me.  We shared hours of raw honest conversation and took a deep dive into limiting thoughts. In Jim’s words, “The answers to the other questions were all transformative for me.”

See Jim’s success library, including the types of transformations that Depth Coaching offered to him.

Michael, who showed bravery by leaving 6-figure earnings and a 15-year career, so that he could be the type of husband and dad that his conscience demanded. The risk paid-off as he doubled his earnings and simplified his life! All I did was remind Michael that family rocks for a lifetime. An investment there is a lifetime investment with innumerable returns!

See Mike’s success library, including the story that brought him to tears.  

And Austin, whose career continues to unfold like a Lotus flower. Career transition and advancement can be scary (even if you’re 6’7” tall!).  But Austin chooses to be a lifelong learner, garnering from me daily disciplines that he has reshaped into his own as well as the clarity that comes from resurrecting Pareto. My favorite from Austin’s library is “A good depth coach gives you permission to be great!”

See Austin’s success library, including the many skills that he has adopted as a result of the work we have done together in order to improve him.

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